The Game

362,000 light-years away from planet Earth is the planet Spork. At a first glance, Spork seems to be a perfect planet! On the planet Spork, every Sporkian, from the first day they are born can speak their language while they know all the languages and dialects that exist on every planet. The Sporcians choose their own name as soon as they are born and they can change it whenever they want. Also, teleportation and intergalactic travel is a very simple and common routine. Sporcians fly with spaceships but also on their own, they can become invisible, get a laser out of their eyes, hear with their super hearing even a feather that falls to the ground but also transform into what they think: from a huge dragon up to a small toaster.

However, the Sporkians want their children to cry. The tears of every Sporkian from 0 to 18 years old are unique for the production of the “Dear Tear” cocktail. The governor of the planet Zdonk  is upset with this situation, wants to stop the children from crying and found out that in the planet Earth the children have rights but there is also an International Convention, a law that protects their rights.

Each child that plays the game is the special envoy of the planet Spork on Earth with the specific mission to learn about the Convention for the Rights of the Child and how this is implemented and transfer its knowledge back to his/ her planet. During his/her travel to earth s/he will meet people and listen to stories that will make him/her understand more about the rights of the children.

The game can be played only on a PC or laptop. It cannot be played on a smartphone and it can be played on a tablet only if it is attached to a keyboard.

Click here to download the version of the game for windows

Click here to download the version of the game for Mac