Teachers’ Manual

The teachers’ manual has been developed as part of the European project Rights Hero which aims to raise awareness of the Convention for the Rights of the Child to elementary and lower secondary school children through the use of an electronic game.

The manual is addressed to schoolteachers which are interested to use the game in order to approach the issue of the Rights of the Children in their classroom. It aims to be a Teachers’ Companion that would support the teacher to use the game in the classroom.

This manual includes the following information:

  • Introduction about the Rights Hero project
  • Useful information about the Right Hero Game
  • Educational Scenarios on how to use the game in the classroom

The educational scenarios are suggestions that could be used by the teachers in order to use the game in the classroom. The scenarios can be adapted and modified on the basis of each context. Aim of the project is to create a community that will be able to exchange ideas, experiences and suggestions about the use of the game.

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